Travel without having to worry about power or connectivity.

Go Off Grid.

Boost Portable Power Stations

Our Boost technology delivers big power when you need it. Outdoor living or charging powertools at work, our range puts you in control of your energy needs on the move.


Don't be restricted by electricity, Portable Power anywhere.

Boost 2200W

Harness The Power
-Battery Capacity: 2200Wh
-Rated Output: 2200W
-Peak Output: 3300W
-Charge Time: 1.6h
-Device Ports: 14
-Weight: 21Kg

Boost 1500W

Supercharge Your Lifestyle
-Battery Capacity: 1612Wh
-Rated Output: 1500W
-Peak Output: 3000W
-Charge Time: 1.6h
-Device Ports: 7
-Weight: 15.0Kg

Boost 1200W

Power On The Move
-Battery Capacity: 1000Wh
-Rated Output: 1200W
-Peak Output: 2400W
-Charge Time: 1.6h
-Device Ports: 7
-Weight: 9.5Kg

Boost 600W

Small But Mighty
-Battery Capacity: 500Wh
-Rated Output: 600W
-Peak Output: 1200W
-Charge Time: 1.6h
-Device Ports: 6
-Weight: 5.1Kg

Our Boost Portable Power Stations are built for all conditions and terrain leaving you free to roam with guaranteed reliable power. Featuring a tough alloy outer shell to protect from the elements without compromise on portability and connectivity.

For the situations where..

Reliability Matters

Choose Boost
The boost has changed my world when camping. Even when I’m in the middle of no-where I can use my hairdryer, charge my laptop - do whatever I want. Happy Days! Delivery from Atom was spot on and very fast and I’ve had no issues yet.

Marie. Aberdeen.

I had a small issue with the first unit I received, but it was exchanged straight away without question and the replacement is working perfectly. Both times I was kept well informed on delivery and the estimated time was spot on.

Tom. Milton Keynes.

I like to get right out in the middle of nowhere, often on foot, filming with my drone. The atom is the ideal thing for me to recharge my batteries time after time, giving me the confidence to go absolutely anywhere with it. No issues so far!

Richard. Bucks.

Level Up Your Camping

Your imagination is now the only limit on your camping trips. You decide what you take with you, as you can now power whatever you choose. Recharge your boost with a solar panel or on the move from the cigarette lighter socket whilst you’re driving.
Atom Boost - Bring the indoors outdoors!
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Reliable Home Backup

Absolute peace of mind with safe, reliable home power backup solutions.

Which product is right for me?

Don't know your Watt Hours from your Voltage but are still looking for the perfect fit for your lifestyle? Scroll down for a simplified breakdown of our range.

For Unmatched Mobility

The Boost 600W is the perfect unit for those who want reliable backup power for their devices without compromising their freedom to move. We suggest the 600W for:

Mobile Device Charging- Drone Power Backup- Single Day trips-
Camping Weekends- Hiking Days
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For On The Move

With a robust 1000Wh capacity, effortlessly manage any situation away from traditional
power sources. We suggest the 1200W for:

On-Location Photography - Self Drive Camping Trips - Off Grid Remote Working - Camping Weekends - Any Outdoor Adventure
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For Going Off Grid

The Boost 1500W is the perfect unit for those who want all the function & features of the 1200W but with a bigger, longer lasting supply:

Off Grid Working - Longer Camping Trips - Small Outdoor Gatherings - Outdoor Adventures
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For Complete Peace Of Mind

A perfect fit for most commonly used electrical appliances. When you need big power in difficult locations or suffer unexpected outages. We suggest the 2200W for:

Home Backup Solutions - Off Grid Supply - Power Tools - Outdoor Working.
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